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  Have you seen me on the street or running under a porch?  
  I am the cat your neighbor left behind when they moved.  
  I was on my own, struggling to stay alive, until a person from SOSCAT came to my rescue.  
  Now I am neutered and have all my vaccinations.  
  Since I used to be someone's pet, I am up for adoption at the SOSCAT adoption center.

Adoption Center Location:         Alley Cat Treasures
                  122 SE Locust
                   Oakland, Oregon

Hours:        Daily 12 pm - 4 pm, or by appointment

Phone:       (541)
Email:         soscat.org@gmail.com

If you or someone you know has a little time and would enjoy helping to care for cats and kittens, consider
becoming a volunteer.

Please call the number above if you are interested in becoming a volunteer.

Frankie    Jewel
                                   Frankie - Adopted                                                                                    Jewel - Adopted

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SOSCAT Mission:

  • Reduce the stray and feral cat population in Sutherlin & Oakland through spay/neuter program.
  • Rescue, spay/neuter and adopt stray and abandoned cats.